Andy & Rajeev discuss movies with a New Zealand connection in this fortnightly podcast.

SEASON 3: Cliff Notes
The films of talented New Zealand actor Cliff Curtis.
SEASON 2: Quality Imports
Foreign market films filmed in NZ or with significant NZ content.
SEASON 1: Export Quality
A Kiwi director’s last NZ work and their first foreign market work.

NtoZ_Andy_Profile_250ANDY JAMES | Host
Andy has been making films since high school. He is currently at work on four short film scripts, four feature films and a web series. These include, but are not limited to, a thriller, a horror, a modern day Western, a time-travel loop and a dark sci-fi comedy.

RAJEEV MISHRA | Host & Producer
By day Rajeev is a Film & TV professional on feature films (Fresh Meat, Pork PieGhost in the Shell), commercials & TV shows. By night he works on shorts, scripts, music videos & web series as part of An Indian, A Chinaman & A White Guy Walk into a Bar.

sealJEREMY VEAL | Audio Wizard
Jeremy is a sound guy who, amazingly, still retains most of his hearing. He is logical and reasonable, and also likes Logic and Reason. He likes quiet things such as ponds and clouds, and is always asking people to turn that shit down. Jeremy thinks good dance music died along with the 90’s.