Listen to Andy & Rajeev discuss the films of famed New Zealand actor Cliff Curtis.

S3:E1 | Cliff Notes: Three Kings
We talk about this 1999 David O Russell Gulf War movie starring George Clooney.

S3:E2 | Cliff Notes: Collateral Damage
We talk about this 2002 Andrew Davis action movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

S3:E3 | Cliff Notes: Deep Rising
We talk about this 1998 Stephen Sommers horror action movie starring Treat Williams.

S3:E4 | Cliff Notes: Sunshine
We talk about this 2007 Danny Boyle science fiction movie starring Cillian Murphy.

S3:E5 | Cliff Notes: Training Day
We talk about this 2001 Antoine Fuqua crime thriller starring Cillian Murphy.

S3:E6 | Cliff Notes: Spooked
We talk about this 2004 Geoff Murphy conspiracy thriller starring Chris Hobbs.

S3:E7 | Cliff Notes: Risen
We talk about this 2016 Kevin Reynolds, Jesus film with special guest James Nokise.

S3:E8 | Cliff Notes: Jubilee
We talk about this 2000 Michael Hurst comedy with special guest Jennifer O’Sullivan.

S3:E9 | Cliff Notes: River Queen
We talk about this 2005 Vincent Ward epic period New Zealand drama.

S3:E10 | Cliff Notes: The Dark Horse
We talk about this 2014 James Napier Robertson drama with special guest Dan Slevin.

S3:E11 | Cliff Notes: Wrap Up
Andy and Rajeev wrap up Cliff Notes discussing The Last Air Bender & Cliff’s TV work.

S3:E12 | Cliff Notes: Cliff Curtis
Andy and Rajeev get Cliff Curtis himself onto the podcast!