Listen to Andy & Rajeev discuss foreign market films (mostly) that are filmed in New Zealand or have some significant New Zealand content.

S2:E1 | Quality Imports: Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence
We discuss this 1983 World War II prisoner of war drama  starring David Bowie.

S2:E2 | Quality Imports: Vertical Limit
We discuss this 2000 mountain climbing film starring Chris O’Donnell, directed by kiwi Martin Campbell.

S2:E3 | Quality Imports: No Way Out
We discuss this 80s action thriller, starring Kevin Costner & directed by Kiwi Roger Donaldson.

S2:E4 | Quality Imports: Evil Dead
We discuss this 2013 horror remake of the Sam Raimi classic The Evil Dead.

S2:E5 | Quality Imports: The Dead Lands
We discuss New Zealander Toa Fraser‘s 2014 Maori action adventure film.

S2:E6 | Quality Imports: World’s Fastest Indian
We discuss Kiwi Roger Donaldson‘s 2005 film about real life New Zealand legend, Burt Munro.

S2:E7 | Quality Imports: Krampus
We are joined by Dan Slevin to discuss Michael Dougherty‘s 2015 Christmas horror film.

S2:E8 | Quality Imports: Slow West
We are joined by Chris Tse to discuss this 2015 Western starring Michael Fassbender.

S2:E9 | Quality Imports: Pete’s Dragon
We are joined by producer/writer/actor Steve Barr to discuss this fantasy adventure film.